Redding CA Bookkeeping and Tax Service


Mission Statement

“My goal is to understand your business, its growth plans and current systems. i will propose and put into place the software needed to establish and/or maintain your financial records”

What We Do

  • We will sort out your “shoebox” of receipts and categorize them to make sense.
  • We will setup you chart of accounts
  • We will input your beginning balances
  • We will reconcile your bank statement
  • We will reconcile your credit card statements
  • We will post your accounts payable
  • We will pay your bills for you (With YOUR money!)
  • Originate invoices to your customers
  • We provide payroll services
  • We also do quarterly and annual payroll reports
  • Training on QUICKBOOKS or other accounting software
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual financial statements

Why we should do your books

A lot of people ask this question.
The answer is:  YOU should spend YOUR time on the things that make YOU money and the things that make YOU happy!

  • YOU should spend YOUR time doing what YOU do best!
  • YOUR  time is valuable.
  • Let us keep an accurate snapshot of your financials!
  • YOU do not need to train a new employee or provide benefits for a new employee.
  • YOU only pay for the time spent on YOUR books!
  • You will save money since you have a complete set of books to give to your CPA/EA
  • We will consult with YOU on latest financial information about YOUR business so YOU can make good operating decisions.